VegettoEX kicks ass!

I love VegettoEX. In fact, my feelings for him are stronger than the ones I have for my mother and it just tears away at my soul when I hear about people bashing him. Don't you people realize that VegettoEX is above such things? You're bitching at someone who has done so much good for this world; do you realize that? Without VegettoEX, I theorize that we wouldn't be alive at this moment. He's that magisterial.

We should be worshipping VegettoEX as a deity; he is divine, and everyone, whether they know it or not, is inferior to him. Do you think a mere mortal could conjure up a page such as his? I think not. People still criticize him, though; when Moses presented the Ten Commandments to the Israelites, do you think that they condemned him? Did they ask Moses when the next "update" of "God's Laws" would be? Did they? No, they accepted it as "The Law" and lived their lives as best they could, which is what all of VegettoEX's critics should do. The Israelites knew that God would give them new information whenever he damn well pleased, and you should have the same philosophy when it comes to VegettoEX's site.

Another thing that frustrates me to no end, is the fact that some people repine about VegettoEX's supposed ego. First of all, I think that he's rather modest, but if he does seem a little egocentric to you, then it's most likely for good reason. Remember that he's done things in one day that most people couldn't accomplish in an entire lifetime. VegettoEX always causes me to think of Michael Jordan. MJ was a ballhog, but he did this because he thought that he was the team's best chance of winning; VegettoEX is the same way, in the respect that he holds the DBZ community together. There wouldn't be a "DBZ Uncensored" or "Planet Namek", if VegettoEX had decided not to invent HTML (or the internet for that matter).

Although I touched on this a bit earlier, I must stress the fact that VegettoEX can't update whenever you want him too. He's a busy guy; he's got things to do in real life just like everyone else does. For example, he's a volunteer fire fighter, and then there is the fact that he battles crime in New York. I'd also like to let you know something: if VegettoEX spent all of his time updating (like you twits expect him to do), then I wouldn't be here writing this essay about him. Five years ago, I was on the verge of a complete breakdown; I was addicted to heroin and my father, who happened to be a drunk, beat on me constantly. That's when VegettoEX came to me; if I were a Transformer, then he would be my matrix, because he brought light to me in my darkest hour. It was Tuesday evening and my father staggered into the house. His breath reeked of hard booze, and I knew that I going to get a whooping that I'd feel for a couple months. He walked over to me with his hand raised up in the air, muttering obscenities and that's when VegettoEX flew through the window. With one solid blow to the face, my father was on the ground, and he was out cold. VegettoEX, with his back turned to me, surveyed my father's prone body; I called out, "Sir, who are you?"

He turned around and I was forced to duck in order to dodge his massive penis, which almost knocked me over. He then said, "Why son, I'm your knight in shining armor. I'm VegettoEX." VegettoEX helped me drop my heroin habit and helped me through college. I was on the way to successful life and it was all because of a certain webmaster, who is criticized quite unfairly.

I could go on and on about my hero, VegettoEX, but sadly, due to space and time constraints, I must conclude. VegettoEX is beyond reproach; leave him alone and let him continue to work on his masterpiece (the fact that it's hosted by AOL makes it even more divine). So for you "twits" out there, just "get a life" and stop making judgements about someone "that is perfectly justified in EVERYONE of his actions". OKAY?

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