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    lick the ballsauce of my dork

    6-11-02 We're going to be hosted by MADali soon. We'll be or something. The only real difference will be that you won't see a charming P Diddy banner at the top of the page. Yes.

    6-8-02 Well as promised our exclusive coverage of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, is up on time and ready for your viewing in the Reviews section.

    5-27-02 I've added a conversation to the crap page that I probably shouldn't even bother pointing out. On the heavier side of news "Spirit: Horse of the Camarron" or something along those lines hits theaters tomorrow and the Rock and Roll Time Bandits will be there live covering the event. Look for a long drawn out expose on that sometime tomorrow night.

    5-24-02 Check out the features page to see my new editorial. I'm on my way to becoming the next Seth Killian.

    5-10-02 I've updated the crap page with something I hope you'll all enjoy.

    5-9-02: Well, I've been working on a new layout for the page and naturally it looks like ass. Unfortunately for people who don't like pages that resemble ass I got tired of trying and stopped giving a shit. However, I'm hoping this will lead to kind of an easier to navigate experience for cowardly net surfers. ALDP and I have some groundbreaking ideas that should be taking off shortly. Personally, I plan to just redo all the pages to look like this cybernetic piggybank.